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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Food, Michigan, & Tim Holtz!

Natalie and I were invited by our girl Sarah from Notions Marketing to come join her in a workshop with Tim Holtz! This decision was a NO-BRAINER!!! Before we knew it, we were on a road trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was only a 4 hr drive but we still managed to have some fun along the way! First we stopped at a little orchard/restaurant in Fennville, Michigan...a place called Crane's Pantry. We had to drive a little ways off of the main interstate but let me tell you it well worth it! Besides all of the vintage decor' that had been collected since they opened the doors back in 1916, there was an excellent choice of meals and FANTASTIC homemade pies!! I cant have sweets so I just about jumped outta my seat when I saw they had SUGAR FREE pies as well!! WOOOOHOOOO!! Anyways, enough of my blabberin... here are some cool pics. :)

Ohhhhh how things have changed. :)

I wish I could have gotten I better picture of this one. It was one of my favorite things because of all the old prices. Now those were the good 'ol days!
So Cute!
We also stopped at little antique store. I LOVE places like this but I must say...this one was a little scary.
We had to get a picture of this. We were in the hallway of our hotel going to our room and noticed right away that the doors were not your standard size...

Some crazy wall art
These are some of the fun tags we made with Tim!

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  1. Oh man, I wish I'd been with you guys! Looks like sooo much fun and what cool tags! VERY interesting wall art in that hotel and what's with those doors? LOL Great pix. xxMD