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Monday, October 25, 2010

A little Cricut Kitchen Decor'

This is something I created using some 8x8 Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Cricut Stencil Material, My Cricut, and the Preserves Cartridge. Once you have these materials you can follow these simple steps to create your very own kitchen wall art. It really has an art deco feel that will just make your kitchen pop with some color!

For the Pear, you will need to turn to page 26 in your preserves cartridge. From that page you can make the following cuts using your Cricut Stencil Material.
cut at 7"h
cut at 7"h
Layer cut at 7"h

Once you have these images cut you then start by painting the background of your canvas first! ( I learned that the hard way) LOL. Then you simply start to paint each part of the pear in sections. For the first layer (being the main base of the pear) you want to use the negative part of your cut so that you are painting the actual shape of the pear and the whole inside versus just tracing the actual pear cut and not being able to paint the inside with a stencil.
Side Tip- Make sure to remove the clear film on your stencil material so that the stencil sticks nicely to your canvas insuring that your stencil does not move while painting and gives you a much cleaner look. Also, use a dry brush with light coats of paint and then do 2 to 3 coats before you move on to your next pear layer. This is a little more tedious but makes your art turn out nice and clean! One more thing!- use a heating tool to dry each layer of paint to tons of time and get your project done in a jiff!
Now you can move on to painting the cream colored inside of your pear with one of your pear layers and then use the main pear cut out to paint in your brown or black seeds. You might find that certain cuts are easier for you to paint each of your layers so play around with it. :)

The steps are the same for the apple and cherries but here are the dimensions to get the correct sizing on an 8x8 canvas.

Apple- pg. 27
cut at 6 1/2" h
cut at 6 1/2"h
Layer cut at 6 1/2"h & Layer+shift key

Cherries- pg. 48
cut at 6 1/2"h
cut at 6 1/2"h
Layer + Shift key cut at 6 1/2"h
Layer cut at 6 1/2"h


  1. Miranda,
    These are beautiful!

  2. Miranda this is amazing! I don't think I've ever heard of Cricut stencil material. Wondering if that's the suff you buy for the Yudu. Anyway, I LOVE these! They're GORGEOUS!!!!!! xxD