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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 friggin cute animal pics!

Over the past week I have gotten some of the cutest and funniest shots with my camera! I just LOVE them all. Let me know what you think! :)

This first one is my kitty Monty! He was about to jump over the fence to torment our Neighbors dogs. They have 5 big dogs and all of them are scared of our little cat Monty! LOL! He looks like he thinks he is King or something. I love it!
This next picture is one that I caught at the local zoo next to our house. You cant see it but there were 2 others ducks up above. This duck looks like he is looking around the corner for them!
Too funny!

Now this one is the BEST! My friends and I were shopping around a little town before we went to the Flea Market and this beautiful dog came up behind us. We stopped to pet him for a minute and then he went on ahead. We soon caught back up to him because he was stopped in front of one of the shops. We were are saying that we wondered what had his attention and we were thinking it must be a food place or something. LOL! Well once we got up close we soon found that it was the cutest little kitten ever!!! The dog was so excited and just wanted to play!! :) The kitten just sat in this position the whole entire time! Right when I took the picture I caught the dog pawing at the glass! Perfect timing!!

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